(Notka po polsku na ten sam temat pojawiła się dziś rano, zgodnie z zapowiedzią wieczrem zapraszam an wersję angielską).

Yes, I know. I was to write every day. But then I started to think about my blog, work on details to make it just how I want it to look like. So finally now I can start to write regular. And I hope, I will manage to do it!

But thinking about how my blog should look like made me also think about blogging general. What s it for? Why do I blog? And it is really good idea?

Why do I blog?

I remember my very first blog. I’ve started it, when I was 16. That was beginning of idea of blogging here in Poland. And all my friends were blogging. laptopOf course that time it was kind of my diary. Then I started my craft blog, blog about books and another one: about journeys. And then… I’ve decided to come back to run only one blog, where I can share all my feelings, thoughts, opinions… So it is right now!

And what for? Because I love writing. Really. Always thought I will earn money by writing. Well, right now I don’t, but… It is still really great to share my thoughts here. Thoughts about life, about some activities, about books I’ve read. And hope, you will enjoy reading this some time…

And what about privacy?

But, when I started to think about blogging, I also thought about privacy. You know. Sharing my thoughts here, means that everyone has an opportunity to know it. And that is why I know, I should really take care of what I want to share and what I really don’t want to. The same is about using Instagram or Facebook. Well maybe on those two social media even more…

There was an idea to stop blogging and using Facebook only. But… I don’t like that. Facebook is to fast, but there s n place for discussing long and deeply coming into one topic. So tat is why I still blog. And hope now will do it regular…

And one more change – as you maybe notices I will post two notes every day. In fact it will be the same note, but one will be in Polish and the second one in English. I think that will be clearer and easier to read… So… all my English speaking friends, come back here tomorrow, more or less the same time!



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