Is our data really safe? – some thoughts after reading polish thriller novel…

I love reading. Some of you may know that. Some will know soon (if you will still visit my blog, but you will, I hope;)). But what I love the most in reading is not only spending time and relaxing in a good way, but also looking for books, that can make me think about life, about world around me. I love books focusing on some social problems.Problems that are so close to me. Too close to see them clearly. But while reading a book, you can see them very well. And if that book has a great, interesting story and if it’s written by a talented author, then… what to want more?!?

Last time I’ve read a book like that: interesting crime story with a deeper sense. A novel, which shows some very important problems of today: safety of our privacy. notebookIs it really possible to keep your life completely private nowadays? When we public so many information on net? When we use Internet to do shopping or communicate with other people? When we can’t live without our notebooks, tablets and self phones? I’m not sure… And after reading a book „Notebook” by Polish author Tomasz Lipko, I’m afraid, it is impossible to be anonymous today…

The story is really interesting: there is prosecutor who comes to a car accident. Nothing special – normal work. But in this accident dies a women, who had no family nor friends. But she had a notebook and on its hard drive data, which has a great value for many people. That data can change the world, and even if not, it can make a lot of mess in worldwide society… And now it’s time to start the battle: with the system, with people, who are ones of the most important people in the country. A battle for the truth…

„Notebook” is really interesting also because it’s annotebook2 interactive book. You may scan with your self phone some pictures to see short movies, that are interesting adds to the story. Sounds good, right?
But for me the most important thing is that this novel made me think very carefully about the way I use Internet. Should I share everything with other users of net? Should I share every picture on social media? Or maybe I should think twice before putting any information to Internet? Is my privacy safe, as I am a social media user? I know it would be hard to resign from using all of new media. But… I also know that after reading „Notebook” novel I will use all technical innovations really carefully.


I am not sure, if this book was translated to any foreign language. The polish version you can by in the Matras bookshop.



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